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[Documentary] BBC The Blue Planet

The Blue Planet is a documentary series revolving around what covers 70% of our planet Earth: water, or rather the creatures living in it. Let me rephrase in a better way with the following wiki quote:
Described as "the first ever comprehensive series on the natural history of the world's oceans",[1] each of the eight 50-minute episodes examines a different aspect of marine life. The underwater photography included creatures and behavior that had previously never been filmed[2].

The series was first aired in the UK in 2001. The episodes are narrated by Sir David Attenborough, whom I must admt is my favorite documentary narrator. There is something about his voice that's so soothing, and the elegant British accent adds to his appeal (his voice also stirs up a memory within me of a documentary I watched years ago with my Mother. I think it was a documentary about creepy crawlies in the house that are invisible to the eyes. Marked the memory as a "search for" in my to-do list)

I have so far watched two episodes, and throughout each one I was enthralled for entire playtime period. The second episode is espically gobsmacking (bri'ish!). It is titled "The Deep" and it explores the unknown depths of the ocean. I really had butterflies in my stomach as the show displayed deeper and deeper parts of the ocean, along with the (no other way to describe it) freakiest creatures ever. When the camera looked down upon an Oceanic Trench of an Abyssal Plain, my blood ran cold. It was so deep!

I believe Attenborough mentioned that only 1% of the deepest oceans have been explored. WHAT THE HELL COULD BE LIVING DOWN THERE?

Here is a two minute sample from the second episode:

Anyways, I've loved the sea from the first time my Dad threw me into it's water as a baby (am not exaggerating, Dad taught me how to swim in the sea =P) I love snorkelling in the shallows as well, but I have to admit I freak out if one of the large fishes swim close to me xD

I am definatly going to watch this documentary again with my family, espically my little brother who loved looking at pictures and drawings of different sea creatures in my Sea Life Encyclopedia.


P.S: The documentary also made me miss my pet Goldfish and Oscar fishes oh so much =(


G-chan said...

aah...this is friggin' awesome! <3

That jellyfish at the end was fascinating :o